• Chemicals – up to 70%
• Water – reduce evaporation by up to 80%
• Electricity – reduced filter run time
• Heating – up to 80% of heating costs
• A covered pool will raise water temperature by approx. 5°C
• Solar type covers can virtually eliminate the need for heating
• Increased life of swimming pool components


You will spend a lot more time enjoying your swimming pool and a lot less time cleaning your pool or paying somebody else to do it. A swimming pool cover:

• Inhibits algae growth
• Keeps dust and debris out
• Significantly reduces contamination


Cumbersome swimming pool covers only work when you use them. Automated swimming pool covers are very user friendly, it operates at the turn of a key providing all the benefits with very little effort.


A correctly designed and installed automatic swimming pool cover provides incredible safety and the best levels of protection

• Isolates the water
• Can be opened and closed quickly
• Supports the weight of several adults
• Easy to see that the cover is closed, an unlatched gate may not be noticed
• Pool covers only work when you use them, automatic covers are easy to use

Greener option

• Cuts down electricity consumption
• Reduces chemical consumption
• Saves water

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