Outdoor Lapa blinds

Our rip stop canvas outdoor blinds are manufactured from 500gsm canvas.

The Canvas is UV-treated with the canvas being fungal resistant and waterproof as well.

We use a rope and pulley system to roll up the blinds as this system works better with zips than a gear mechanism. The blinds are secured with zips on the sides to prevent wind and water coming into your entertainment area. This precaution ensures that you can enjoy your patio even when the rain strives to prevent it.

At the bottom of the blind there’s aluminium tubing. This is so that the blind can be fastened to the ground and it also helps to roll up the blinds.

All of our blinds are custom made per area, We can manufacture blinds in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Our ability to customise the blinds to the client’s requirements, bearing our very specific standards in mind, is what differentiates us from other companies.

Outdoor blinds can add a room to your home. This is especially beneficial to people living in complexes. As we personally come out for the quotes, manufacture the Rip-Stop canvas blinds and do the installation, the client gets the best possible product and service as they do not have to deal with a series of different people which can lead to catastrophic breaks in communication.

All of our blinds come with a two year guarantee on workmanship.

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